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Independent Professional Services (IPS)

IPS is a company that was born out of an obsession with alignment of interest.

We are the current provider of executive management, administration and company secretarial services to one of the top performing infrastructure funds in Australia. IPS provides all of the services required to separate the back office administration, board company secretariat functions, strategic planning and executive services from the manager appointed to grow the portfolio of assets.

Whether you have $2 million or $20 billion of Funds Under Management, we can tailor our services to help you stay focused on growing assets - That is how IPS is empowering you.

IPS work in true partnership with you:

  • Allowing the Portfolio Manager to focus solely on managing the portfolio of assets which is their expertise.
  • Facilitates a healthy separation between front line portfolio management and back office accounting, investor reporting and custody related functions.
  • Ensuring each service provider is focused on what they are engaged to do alleviating any potential conflicts of interest.
  • Maintaining a focus on trust obligations ensuring that each decision is made in the investors’ best interest.

Our process is disciplined and our approach is tailored and personal.


IPS has assembled a team of experienced professionals with the operational experience, technical knowledge and analytical skills to empower our clients.
Some of our key staff include:

Charmaine Twomey

Charmaine is the General Manager of Independent Professional Services (IPS). She has over 15 years of senior management experience across superannuation funds and managed investment schemes in Australia. Prior to joining IPS in 2001, she was a Consultant at Mercer. Charmaine holds bachelor of Commerce, Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Finance, and in Investment and Financial Planning, and is a Fellow of FINSIA and ASFA. Charmaine is a member of AIST, a Graduate of AICD, and is the Company Secretary of Gardior – a $1.8 billion infrastructure fund.

Grace Ning

Grace is the head of the IPS Back Office, Accounting and Unit Pricing Team. Since 2008, she has been responsible across the back office and accounting practices of managed investment trusts and has established an operational model for performing the back office capabilities of infrastructure funds. Grace has hands on experience in transitions of infrastructure funds’ trusteeship and administration and holds Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) and Bachelor of Arts degrees. She is a full member of the Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CA) and is a registered BAS Agent with the Tax Practitioners Board.

Paul Monico

Paul works closely with Charmaine providing company secretariat services, compliance, risk management, operations and minding matters of governance within IPS. He has over 10 years operational experience having worked in managed funds administration with ANZ Investments and ING Australia. Paul also has worked in London, the Cayman Islands and Luxembourg where he gained operational, compliance, and governance exposure with hedge funds and other offshore investment structures. He holds a Bachelor of Business majoring in Industrial Relations and a Bachelor of Economics majoring in Banking and Finance, both from UNSW Australia. He has a diploma in Corporate Governance from the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators (ICSA) in the UK and has completed the ICSA Chartered Secretaries Qualifying Scheme. He has also completed RG146 for providing general advice in superannuation. Paul is the Assistant Company Secretary of Gardior.

Clients select from a suite of services that achieve an ultimate alignment of interest.


IPS separate out your functions in a way that makes a meaningful difference to your investors.

Our clients can select from a suite of services.

We can provide the full suite of executive management, strategic, fund accounting and investor reporting services, or we can provide selected bespoke/tailored/customised services and work with your other service providers.

IPS alleviates the need for a trustee to employ executive staff and works alongside the portfolio manager. IPS believes in separating functions not related to the management of an asset or portfolio of assets away from the portfolio manager to achieve an ultimate alignment of interest.

We are rewarded by being a part of something that makes a meaningful difference to those investors that trust us to make good decisions, create an environment of sound governance practices and simply, do the right thing.

Full service or tailored modules: it’s your choice:

Capital Raising: We’ve built upon a solid track record of success in raising investment capital and can take care of clients’ subscription documents, pitch meetings and presentations.

Trustee Board Strategy: We can help you execute board strategy by facilitating effective meetings, creating strategy and business plans, writing your strategy papers and guiding the execution and review your plans for asset investment.

Secretarial Services: We offer end to end secretarial services. On your behalf we can assist with board/committee papers, minutes and action items, policies and protocols, committee structure and filing services.

Middle Office Services: We are first in class in supporting the funds management process. We provide quantitative reporting and custom analytical services, trade & valuation matching, and compliance.

Back Office Services: We offer comprehensive back office services including custody, settlement, and distribution and unit registry services; as well as audit facilitation.

Executive Management & Advisory: We offer a suite of services that include budgeting, website management, service provider monitoring, information memorandums, annual reports and trust deed and constitution compliance.

Operational Due Diligence: Our independent due diligence services capitalise on our experience aligning with investors best interests. We offer desk reviews, whites of the eyes meetings, verification and service provider reviews.

Risk Management: We recognise the risks in optimising our clients’ investment performance and adhere to an agreed management policy that includes risk integration and registry.

Investor Reporting: We can administer your investor reporting for taxation and transaction statements and control your investor centre.

Investor Relations: We can also manage and direct investor relations queries, updates and presentations; liaise with asset consultants and engage with your stakeholders

IPS is expert in breaking down the barriers that exist with the traditional portfolio management model.


IPS is a part of the IFAA Group which consists of companies that focus on superannuation administration services, financial planning services, industry compliance, technology solutions, and financial and accounting management.

We believe that our friendly, yet professional environment, competitive remuneration packages and belief in a healthy work-life balance make us an employer of choice in our respective industries.

For more information on our group recruitment policy, health & wellbeing program and other benefits and opportunities please click here.


IPS available jobs or IFAA Group available jobs

Assistant Company Secretary

Independent Professional Services
Employment Status: 9 Month Contract, Full-Time



Phone (07) 3238 1207

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8:30am - 5:00pm
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West Tower
Level 3, 410 Ann Street,
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Independent Professional Services

West Tower
Level 3, 410 Ann Street,
Brisbane, Queensland, 4000

Phone: (07) 3238 1207